Energy Star Certified Builder

We are an ENERGY STAR Certified Home Builder

Youngren Construction is 1 of only 8 ENERGY STAR Partners in San Diego / Carlsbad, CA. Being an ENERGY STAR Partner means we design and build energy-efficient homes that offer you better performance and long-term savings.

Why is ENERGY STAR important for you to understand? Because Better is Better. When these energy saving requirements are applied to new home construction, you have an integrated approach to design combined with tried-and-true best building practices adds up to a home with:

  • Better durability
  • Better comfort
  • Reduced utility and maintenance costs
  • Better value for today and better investment for tomorrow
  • Peace of mind. The result of a home that’s built better.

We are ultimately responsible for compliance to all of the building codes, including the energy codes. Youngren Construction has an energy consultant to prepare the compliance documentation and make recommendations on what features will be required to meet compliance.

Through a Partnership Agreement with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Youngren Construction agrees to affix an ENERGY STAR label on homes that are independently verified to meet the program guidelines and to build a least one ENERGY STAR certified home every 12 months to maintain partnership.

learn more about ENERGY STAR at home:

New Homes Infographic

Program Indicators in San Diego-Carlsbad

  • 18,194ENERGY STAR Certified homes built to date
  • 101ENERGY STAR Certified homes 2014 to date
  • 57ENERGY STAR Certified homes built in 2013
  • 8ENERGY STAR Builder Partner. We are 1 of 8 most of the others are track builders, not custom home builders. We have been a partner since 2012