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Building Specially Adapted Custom Homes for Veterans

Proudly Building for Our Country's Veterans

As a contractor with Homes For Our Troops
Specially Adapted Homes Completed by Youngren Construction
Youngren Construction received the Meritous Support of Veterans award in 2019 for building so many specially adapted homes with Homes for Our Troops
Youngren Construction received the Meritous Support of Veterans award in 2019 for building so many specially adapted homes with Homes for Our Troops
Homes For Our Troops recipient Randell Leoncio
Homes For Our Troops recipient Randell Leoncio

Since 2010, Scott Youngren and Youngren Construction have been passionately involved in building as a contractor for Homes for Our Troops. The entire Youngren team considers it an honor to support veterans who have selflessly served this country. 


About Homes for Our Troops: Supporting Veterans

Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a publicly funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. 

Most of these Veterans have sustained life-altering injuries including multiple amputations, partial or full paralysis, or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed defending ours, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives.

Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 percent of donations to Homes For Our Troops has gone to directly support Veterans.

Homes For Our Troops builds these homes where the Veteran chooses to live, and continues its relationship with the Veterans after home delivery to assist them with rebuilding their lives.


What Makes Homes For Our Troops Special? 

Rebuilding Lives is the most important aspect of the Homes For Our Troops mission, therefore, they stay in contact with Veterans after home delivery.

Homes For Our Troops provides a pro-bono financial planner for three years to assist in financial planning and household budgeting. They also provide homeownership education and warranty coverage to ensure that the Veteran is set up for long-term success as a homeowner. One staff section’s sole focus is following up with our Veterans, and we also have a peer mentoring program consisting of Veterans and spouses in the Homes For Our Troops program. 


An infographic from Homes For Our Troops detailing facts and figures about injured veterans their organization serves and helps

Building Homes and Rebuilding Lives

Homes For Our Troops builds homes as a pivotal point for these Veterans to rebuild their lives, and once again become highly productive members of society.

Despite their life-altering injuries, many of our Veterans have embarked on new careers, completed their college degrees, or started families. Empowered by the freedom a donated specially adapted custom home brings, these Veterans can now focus on their recovery and returning to their life’s work of serving others.

Many have embraced their roles as motivational speakers, sharing their messages of persevering through tragedy with groups and classrooms around the country; others take to a national platform to promote awareness of Veteran suicide, homelessness and PTSD.

Their incredible stories – far too numerous to include on one page – are the driving force for the work we do here at Homes For Our Troops.

We encourage you to read more about their amazing stories on the Homes For Our Troops website.

Homes For Our Troops recipient Erik Galvan and his family
Homes For Our Troops recipient Erik Galvan and his family

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Specially Adapted, Custom Homes for Veterans are Fully Wheelchair Accessible.

Each of these specially adapted custom homes is equipped with over 40 major special adaptations and exceeds ADA standards, providing full accessibility for the Veteran. These adaptations include wider halls and doorways, automatic door openers, roll under sinks, stove tops, and counters, pull down shelving, generators and safe rooms, all designed to help the Veteran live independently.

Homes For Our Troops builds four-bedroom, two bath, specially adapted energy efficient homes of just over 2,800 square feet, the right size home for a Veteran to comfortably raise a family while limiting expenses for utilities.

Here are some of the features of each home designed by Homes For Our Troops:

  • Lowered Countertops & Accessible Appliances: Height of oven and cooktop surface enables safe food preparation.
  • Roll-Under Access: Wheelchairs fit under all countertops, sinks, and cooktops.
  • Widened Doorways and Hallways: Enables complete wheelchair access.
  • Pull-Down Shelving: Eliminates need to climb or reach, reducing risk of falling from wheelchair.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors: Carpet-free surfaces enable for ease of wheelchair use.
  • Roll-In Shower: Enables Veteran to transfer from wheelchair, reducing risk of slipping on wet floor.
  • Automatic Doors: Enable hands-free accessibility when entering or exiting the home.
  • Therapy Tub: Eases pain and discomfort from the Veteran’s injuries.
  • Master Closet/Safe Room: A safe location for the Veteran and their family to stay during severe weather and natural disasters.

Want to see more Homes For Our Troops projects?

Check out more of the specially adapted custom homes completed by Youngren Construction for Homes For Our Troops recipients over the years.

Homes For Our Troops Volunteers

Whenever a specially adapted custom home is complete, Homes For Our Troops and Youngren Construction invite community members to come and help landscape the new home before the Veteran and their family move in. It’s always a special day full of music, laughter, friendship, and fun.

We appreciate every single volunteer who comes out!


Over the last 4+ years, I have had the opportunity to work with Youngren Construction on many fronts. First, they are a family centric organization who walk the walk, and talk the talk. Second, their partnership with Homes For Our Troops spans more than 30+ specially adapted custom home builds for our nation’s most severely injured, post 9-11 Veterans in CA. They build an outstanding quality home for these well-deserving Veterans!

Scott, Jen, Nash, Heidi and the rest of the Youngren team always put our Veterans first and embrace HFOT as their family too.

We love working with Youngren Construction and would recommend them to anyone considering a new home build or significant renovations. Their craftmanship is top class and they are great people, too!

Kathleen DeVito

Director | Marketing and Community Engagement 
Homes For Our Troops

Youngren Construction has been building specially adapted custom homes throughout southern California for severely injured combat Veterans on behalf of Homes For Our Troops for over 12 years.

To date they have completed 34 spectacular homes, with another 5 under construction. HFOT builds homes throughout the country, and Youngren’s quality, attention to detail, adherence to schedule and cost-effectiveness are unsurpassed, and set the standard for our other builders.

Their ability to advocate for our wounded Veterans, to meet difficult site challenges and to mitigate neighborhood impacts have all been exceptional. The Youngren team is highly professional, and they hold their subcontractors to the same high standards of professionalism and courtesy.

HFOT Veterans get to select the location of their adapted “forever” home, and we are thrilled when they select southern California because Youngren is there to build it.

Renee Gugliotta

Deputy Director | Professional Certified Marketer
Homes For Our Troops

Youngren Construction in Fallbrook CA

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