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Small spaces require large-scale pre-planning and rigorous attention to detail. In all homes, but especially in older houses, elements such as plumbing, flooring, ventilation and other issues must be addressed before the work begins. Executed well by Youngren, your new bathroom will be a dream. Done poorly by an unqualified or unlicensed individual, it will certainly be a nightmare. If you don’t want to flush your money away later on costly repairs, consult with us before you build.

Youngren Construction

Youngren Construction is more than a close-knit, family-run custom remodeling and new construction company. Please contact us to discuss your bathroom remodel.  760-728-9874

We have had several contracted home improvements projects and none have been done so timely and efficiently. Each member of your team was a true artisan in their own area – from the framers to final clean up.

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