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Remodels and Additions

One exciting new trend many homeowners are pursuing is the addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU, aka granny flat) as a way to make the most of your property while enabling intergenerational family togetherness. In 2019, San Diego County introduced a five-year program offering significant fee waivers for homeowners in unincorporated areas to build an ADU. As a construction company already well-versed in this unique type of dwelling, we have been immediately able to help people seize this limited-time opportunity.

Youngren Construction

When it comes to remodels of any space, from condos to “castles,” if you can dream it, Youngren can achieve it! No project is too small, too large, or too complex. Please contact us at 760-728-9874 to discuss your project.

Each member of your team was a true artisan in their own area – from the framers to final clean up. They were respectful, on time, hard-working and concerned about not inflicting increased chaos, dust or inconvenience.


Don and Carol, Fallbrook