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Pre Construction Planning Service by Youngren Construction in Fallbrook, CA

Pre-Construction Planning: The Ultimate Service for Building in Southern California

Want to build a new structure in San Diego County? We’ve got this.

The Project: Building on Undeveloped Property

So you want to build a brand new home, business, or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on a piece of undeveloped property.

Great idea!

Building your own home, ADU, or commercial building from scratch is a great idea for a fully customized property, tailored to your exact needs and desires.

The Problem: Overwhelm and Confusion

However, building on an undeveloped plot of land is a huge undertaking. One that most people feel overwhelmed and confused by. From septic to electricity, property lines to permits, there are so many factors to consider before you can even begin drawing up plans. You probably don’t even know where to begin.

So what should you do?


Construction team planning for a new construction project


The Solution: Turn to the Pro’s

What you need is an experienced, knowledgeable company to take care of this part. Better yet, a company that can also take care of the drafting and construction process too! Well lucky for you, that’s exactly what we offer here at Youngren Construction From research and permits through drafting and building, our team takes care of it all. 

Experience You Can Trust.

After 30+ years of building in San Diego and Riverside Counties, our team is very familiar with this region. Our team has spent decades researching, planning, and engineering undeveloped property. And this knowledge and experience has grown exponentially over the years. We also built relationships and connections with many government offices in Southern California, which makes navigating the various processes much smoother and faster. This means you can trust our team to coordinate with all the necessary contacts and authorities to get your building project off and running.

Our go-to service for clients building on undeveloped land in Southern California is known as Pre-Construction Planning.


Pre Construction Planning blueprints on a table


What is Pre Construction Planning?

At its core, Pre-Construction Planning means you tell us what you want to build and where you want to build it. We design and lay out a structure that’s going to fit within the parameters of your property.

This process requires research and engineering for your specific property and region, including working with local and state authorities. 

Pre-Construction Research can include:

  • Water lines
  • Septic
  • Electrical
  • Zoning and Permits
  • Environmental/geographical
  • Local laws and ordinances
  • Structural blueprints
  • Easements and Setbacks
  • Property Corners

And more . . .

Once the research is done, we work with you to develop a set of fully engineered blueprints for your structure.

Plan of Action

At the end of Pre-Construction Planning, you receive a fully developed set of plans, engineered and ready to submit to the county for approval.

Once your plan is approved and ready to build, Youngren Construction brings it all to life! And, since we were involved from the very beginning, our extensive knowledge of your property and needs give us targeted insights into this project. That makes for a smoother, more streamlined construction process with fewer revisions and setbacks.


Shaking hands to begin a construction project after pre construction planning


Ready to Get Started?

Building your dream home, commercial office, or ADU is more possible than you might think.

Give our office a call today and tell us all about what you want to build. We would love to help you plan out your dream property, step by step.

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Youngren Construction is a Design and Build General Contractor founded in Fallbrook, CA. We specialize in residential and commercial construction projects. We handle the entire process from blueprints to permits, construction to final walkthrough, so you don't have to.

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